Aerobics Room
Sports & Recreation (Building 1)
Monash University, Clayton

Monash Sport


Monash Sport host a huge number of facilities, services, and clubs. To see what they offer, visit their website.

Training Times

Mondays - 8:30pm to 10:30pm
Thursdays - 7:30pm to 9:30pm

We train right throughout the year, including semester breaks and exam periods, stopping for only 2 weeks during the Christmas & New Year period.
Training may also not run if the Sports & Recreation Centre is closed for a public holiday.
Please see the front page for any news about training.

Prices (current for 2016)

Training is broken down into 3 periods - semester 1, semester 2, and summer semester.
Semester 1 & 2 will each cost:

  • Monash Students & Staff - $125
  • Non-Monash & Alumni - $150
Whole year combined memberships:
  • Monash Students & Staff - $240
  • Non-Monash & Alumni - $290
Due to the slightly shorter period, summer is $80 for everyone.