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2002 saw the inception of the Monash Wushu Performance Team - a group of skilled wushu members jointly devoting their time and efforts to bring a spectacular array of forms and movements to the greater community.

Performances typically begin with a demonstration of the basics routines that all students must undertake in their quest to become a master - showing a variety of kicking and punching methods, followed by a short basic routine that is the backbone of wushu. Next is a series of explosive aerial jump kicks and acrobatics, demonstrating wushu’s air prowess - jump kicks are also an integral part of wushu training. These are followed by a variety of forms performed by our talented members. Each form demonstrates a different aspect of wushu and the way we train to perfect those styles. Forms include staff, broadsword, straight sword, spear, long fist, three sectional cudgel, southern fist, nine sectional chain whip, two man forms, and many, many more. The entire performance is backed by lively, heart thumping music.

Performances that the Monash Wushu Performance Team have undertaken include:

  • University Balls (eg. ASEAN ball)
  • Cultural Festivals (eg. Malaysian International Food Festival)
  • Chinese New Year Celebrations (Crown Casino, Chinatown, Springvale)
  • Primary Schools (eg. cultural days)
  • Melbourne Chinese Professionals’ Club Annual Speech Night, Monash University International Students Dinner)
  • Film Releases (Jet Li's Fearless at Hoyts Chadstone and Village Knox)

billy_monkeyAll of which have been huge successes and is quoted by many in the audience to be the best highlight of the night - pure entertainment!

Performances are suitable for most venues.

If you would like the Monash Wushu Performance Team to make a performance at your function, please choose "Demos" in the Contact Us page.






Manifest Performance 2009