Master Tang LaiweiTang

Master Tang Laiwei began training wushu at the age of seven and was the youngest member of the Beijing Wushu Team when it was formed in 1974. Under the coaching of Grandmaster Wu Bin, the Beijing Wushu Team won ten straight All-China Wushu championships and produced many individual champions.

During this time Master Tang won almost thirty medals, including ten gold and the highest title in Wushu, the Wu Ying. His skill with the spear is renowned and he competed in many styles and weapons including: Changquan (Long Fist Boxing), Straight Sword, Broadsword, 3-Section  Cudgel, Double Broadsword, Baguazhang (8 Trigrams Palm), Xingyiquan, and many more..

As a member of the Beijing Wushu Team, Master Tang had the opportunity to travel to the United States in 1974 and 1980 and to Africa, Japan, Europe and Australia. He has also worked in several films, including "North-South Shaolin" (Nan Bei Shaolin), the third of the famous Shaolin Temple films starring Jet Li.

After retiring from competition, Master Tang immigrated to Australia in 1988. He now coaches Wushu and Taichi professionally at his private school Taichi For Life and the Monash University Wushu Club.