• What is wushu?
Please see the article "What is Wushu?"
  • What should I wear?
If you are trying out, loose trackies and light flat shoes are recommended (e.g. Dunlop Volleys)
  • How much are classes?
For current prices, please see the article "Venue, Times & Prices"
  • Where/when is training?
Please see the article "Venue, Times & Prices"
  • I can only train once a week. Is this okay?
This is definately okay, just mention it to our treasurer or secretary when signing up.
  • Can I use wushu to fight?
Modern wushu focuses on developing the body, rather than self defense. It can provide you with a heightened sense of awareness, but for real self defense martial arts there are other options.
  • Can I learn (whatever) weapon?
Yes, after learning all the compulsory basics - stances, punches, kicks, 5-stance, short longfist.
  • When can I start learning weapons?
Learning all the basics mentioned above should take the good part of a year. You will then begin to learn basic cudgel or broadsword.
  • Can I learn (whatever) weapon to fight?
  • Can my kid join?
The Monash University Wushu Club is intended for university students. For under-age students, it is recommended to attend Master Tang's school in Nunawading, Taichi for Life.
  • Do you do grading?
At this point in time, we don't provide any formal grading. Progress is obvious without needing to earn a coloured belt.
  • Do you compete?
Yes, our students are encouraged to participate in the Wushu & Taichi Practitioners Association (WTPA) Festival held every year around August. Please see the article "Wushu at Monash" for more information.
  • Do you compete in fighting?
Due to insurance reasons, we do not learn or compete in wushu's combat style, sanshou.
  • Do I need to have done any martial arts before?
No, our beginners course and instructors provide thorough coaching in all the basics required.
  • Do I need to be flexible?
No, flexibility comes gradually as you continue training.
  • Do you do other social events?
Yes, as a university club we often have social events for our members such as BBQs, movie nights, dinners, rockclimbing, etc

Welcome to Monash Wushu

Welcome to our website!

Monash Wushu is one of the biggest martial arts clubs at Monash University, Clayton.

For prospective members, you will find plenty of information about our training, goals, and philosophy.

For current members, you will be able to keep up to date with the latest news, communicate, check out photos from events and even do some self training with videos of our basic forms.