AKWF Perth National Trials Report
Written by AT   
Tuesday, 07 July 2009 11:05

Last weekend Donnie, Vi, Ray, and I, along with Marc and Chris Gan from Taichi for LIfe (we're all members) went over to Perth to compete for a spot on the National team. This is to compete at the 10th World Wushu Championships being held in Canada in October.

As you know we've all been training hard. So how did we go? There are 10 members on the team: top male and female changquan + best weapon total score, top male and female nanquan + weapon, top male and female taichi and the last 4 positions going to the next best total scores.

In a nutshell, Chris Gan took out champion for nanquan. Vi's total score took him to 11th place, just missing out. I got 12th place, Donnie came 17th and Ray came 18th. Unfortunately Marc reinjured his right knee 5 minutes before competing and couldn't continue.

We're all a bit disappointed about the placings (besides Chris'), but in the end we all had a great time. We all prepared as a team and on Saturday night, celebrated as a team. Although there's nothing much to do in Perth so it wasn't a huge celebration. Everything pretty much closes at like, 9pm!

Anyway, the competition as a whole was probably one of the biggest/toughest Australian competitions I've been to. We met the regular competitors again and also met the Chin Woo team for the first time. They're genuinely friendly people and very talented, taking out 6 positions on the team! Congratulations to them.

So what's next? The WTPA Festival is in late August, which I recommend everyone to compete in. It's a rewarding experience, not just for the fitness, but the team spirit you get as well.

Btw, a few pictures are available in the gallery.