Wushu Weapons
Written by Lydia   
Sunday, 06 November 2011 22:36

One unique aspect of wushu compared to other martial arts is that we use a large variety of weapons. Recently I asked the committee members for their favourite wushu weapon(s) and this is the short list we came up with.


-          Double Hook Sword - My favourite weapon (Lydia)

Two is better than one! The swords are shaped such that you can block and disarm an enemy who is also wielding a weapon. They can also be linked together and the user has a wider attack range by swinging the swords. Follow this link to see the famous scene of Michelle Yeoh using the double hook swords (among many other weapons) to fight against Zhang Ziyi in the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon -

Club members who uses the weapon: Vincent Chau, Byron Gill


-          Emeici (Ben)


The Emeici or Emei Daggers are small weapons also usually used in pairs and consist of double ended sharp rods which swivel around a finger ring. They can be used to inflict deep puncture wounds and the ability of the weapon to spin about the ring means the ends can switch direction and confuse the opponent.


 -          Shengbiao /Rope dart (Ben)


A rope dart usually consists of a long rope with a metal dart attached to one end. It is the smaller cousin of the Meteor Hammer. Due to its flexibility, it allows long range attacks and the user can also pull the dart back quickly. The rope dart has many functions including binding, hitting, piercing and tightening among other techniques. It length and flexibility also means that it can be very hard to use and requires good timing and hand-eye coordination.

Club members who uses the weapon : Tyler J Rowe (not quite a club member) :P


-          3 section cudgel (Vincent Ong)

Basically a cudgel split into 3 sections and held together with chain links. They are usually made of wood. Like the rope dart, it is also a flexible weapon and can be used for attacking as well as for defence. In the link you’ll see Jet Li using the 3 section cudgel in Fearless -

Club members who uses the weapon: Scott Ko


-          Heaven and Earth sword


The Heaven and Earth sword is a two handed weapon. The handles are in the middle while the ends consist of sickle like blades. Here is a video of someone using the weapon -

Club members who uses the weapon: Klingons ... (Wait whut??!!)


Here's the first of 5 youtube videos by the National Geographic, on Wushu weapons -


So what is YOUR favourite weapon? Leave a comment below :)